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Forbes’ 10 highest-paid actors 2014

Forbes released a countdown of the 10 highest paid actors of 2014 and here is a link to Austin 360′s article on it! Have a great Tuesday!   Elias & Associates Realty  Trustworthy, High Quality Real Estate Services in the Greater Austin Area

Central Texas bar named best among the world

Vogue Australia did a piece on the top 20 bar around the world and the Gruene Hall bar came in 8th with the following: “This honky-tonk dance hall in a ghost town in middle-of-nowhere Texas is where Texans come from far and wide to throw back a few and quite literally kick up their heels. […]

Forbes top US regions to watch in 2014

Austin is number one on their list with a GDP growth of 21.7% (and climbing)! Check it out here.     Elias & Associates Realty Trustworthy, High Quality Real Estate Services in the Greater Austin Area

Celebration for the Barton Springs pool construction completion

According to KVUE news, the City is planning a celebration for the completion of improvement construction done at Barton Springs: “The Barton Springs Pool Improvement Project Completion Celebration is scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday. The Barton Springs General Grounds Improvement Project included upgrades to several features. In addition to a handicapped accessible ramp, the city’s […]

LCRA reports Lake Travis levels are up

LCRA water level reports state show that Lake Travis is nearly 5 feet up from last month – this is due mainly to last week’s storm. A good and welcome sign for the lake!     Elias & Associates Realty Trustworthy, High Quality Real Estate Services in the Greater Austin Area

The Texas Flower Garden

A little known treasure of Texas is the the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary about a 100 miles off the coast of Galveston. The coral reefs in the sanctuary host a colorful collection of sea life divers travel the world to behold. Curious manta rays and spotted eagle rays approach divers. Colorful parrotfish share […]

Last night’s storm

Last night’s storm was strong indeed; some local Austinites caught it on film which you can see here. We welcome this morning’s sunshine and calm after the storm.     Elias & Associates Realty Trustworthy, High Quality Real Estate Services in the Greater Austin Area

Republic of Texas Biker Rally 2014

The Republic of Texas Biker Rally 2014 will be held at the Travis County Expo Center June 12th-15th. KVUE news published an article concerning awareness of motor vehicle drivers for the cyclists around town on the various freeways and streets. You can read it here – the main point is to be aware of motor […]

Rain, rain and more rain

We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day celebration with their family and friends despite the consistent rain. The rain is showing no signs of stopping – the ten day forecast for the Austin area includes rain everyday through Sunday the 1st of June.     Elias & Associates Realty Trustworthy, High Quality Real Estate […]

New Austin music festival launching this summer

A new “for Austin, by Austin” music festival is hoping to make a lasting impression this summer. On June 21, the first ever Solstice Austin festival will take over the city, with bands playing at a host of venues across town. What sets this event apart from all the other festivals that call Austin home? […]

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